We Install And Service All Hand Controls, Foot Controls And Driving Aids

There are many different types of hand controls available, just as there are many different reasons why you have them, or are thinking you might need them. First you have to determine what style or operation is necessary for you.  If you have already been driving with hand controls, then you already have an idea.If this is your first experience dirving with hand controls, you are strongly encouraged, and in some states, required to have a professional driver evaluator help determine what will work best for you. Because of the controls it's also wise to get evaluated to not only gain confidence in driving with them but also make sure you are not spending hundreds if not thousands more than what's necessary. Once the make, and model of control is determined you are on your way to regaining the freedom of driving where you want, when you want to!

Factory Certified Hand Control Technicians

Iowa Mobility has the expertise to install many steering, extension, foot & hand control brands and styles into most vehicles. Some applications require specific bracketing and the experts at Advanced Mobility Systems will assess what is best suited for your vehicle.

Driving With Hand Controls Made Easy

Iowa Mobility offers hand controls, steering controls, extension controls, and foot controls. Our products are easy to learn and operate, dependable, easy to install, versatile, and used world-wide. Hand controls are comfortable, ergonomically designed, and provide maximum grip for minimal effort, which reduces muscle fatigue. Our pedal extenders allow disabled drivers to sit 12" from the steering wheel for safety, promote good posture while driving, and allow the driver to reach the gas, brake, or clutch pedal with ease and comfort.

Contact us today to inquire about any one of our hand controls & accessories for your full-size van or minivan today. Looking to buy a pre-equipped wheelchair accessible van or minivan? Check out our new and used wheelchair vans for sale.